Biometric Services

Different Types of Biometrics

Identification and verification :
  • Finger Print Scan
  • Face Recognisation (Facial Scan)
  • Retina Scan
  • Iris Scan
Verification Only :
  • Signature
  • Voice Print
  • Hand Geometry
  • Keystroke Dynamics
  • Mouse Dynamics
  • Gait Dynamics (how people walk)

About Biometric

Biometric technology represents significant security advancement because it physically proves an individual’s identity. Access Control systems increase security within your premises. Fingerprint reader, facial recognition systems, RFID card reader are the different kinds of access control systems available with us. These systems can be used to increase security at home and business places. Restricting entry into your premises.


  • COSEC Face Recognition
  • Contactless Authentication
  • High Identification Speed
  • Improves People Flow Management
  • Easy to Use
  • Bluetooth and QR Code Based Authentication
  • Smart Identification with Contactless Credentials
  • Improves People Flow Management
  • High Identification Speed
  • Improves the Safety and Security of People and Organization.
  • Time-Attendance
  • Flexible Attendance Policies
  • Leave Management
  • Integration with Third Party Payroll, ERP, HRMS
  • Access Control
  • Time, Zone and User Based Access Control
  • Integration with Fire Alarm and Video Surveillance
  • Bluetooth & QR Code based Access Control
  • Data Centers and Elevator Access Control
  • Visitor Management
  • Pre-registration of Visitors
  • Capture and Store Visitor Documents
  • Visitor E-pass and Paper Pass
  • Cafeteria Management
  • Create and Schedule Menus with Items
  • Integration with Printer and Payroll
  • User-wise Monthly Consumption Report
  • For Employees
  • View Attendance, Shifts, Schedules and Leave Details
  • Mark Attendance
  • Apply for Leave, Tour and Attendance Correction
  • For Managers
  • Approve Leave & Tour Requests
  • Authorized and View Attendance
  • Plan Shifts and Schedules.
  • Contract Workers Management
  • Worker Database with all Details
  • Shift Generation, Worker Enrolment and Pass Creation
  • Accurate Attendance and Overtime Calculations.
  • Job Processing & Costing
  • Job and Project Process Monitoring
  • User/Device-wise Job Assignment
  • Inclusion of Independent Jobs.

Face & Palm Attendance Temperature, Mask Detection

eSSL Face-TM900
  • Visible Light Facial Recognition
  • Better hygiene with touch less biometric authentication, temperature detection and masked individual identification
  • Anti-spoofing algorithm against print attack (laser, color and B/W photos, videos attack and 3D mask attack
  • Multiple Verification Methods: Face / Palm / Fingerprint Card/Password

Biometric Time Attendance & Access Control

UFace 302 (Essl)
  • Face capacity: 3000 (1:N), 3000 (1:1)
  • ID card Capacity: 10000
  • Fingerprint capacity: 4000
  • Display: 4.3-Inch Touch Screen
  • Standard function: Automatic status switches Self-Service Query, Work Code, SMS, Photo ID Access Control Interfaces for 3rd Party.
  • Fingerprints Templates: 10000
  • Card Storage: 10000
  • Transaction Storage: 1, 00,000
  • Display: 3″ Color TFT