Voice Call Services

Bulk voice calls are pre-recorded voice messages that you can send to a mobile or landline number. Bulk voice SMS Facilities allow businesses to enter their potential market by reaching the target audience directly on their communication devices. With our bulk voice SMS and bulk voice call service, you will able to communicate with your customers by calling their mobile phone or landline numbers anywhere in India

Voice broadcasting is a mass communication technique which you let you send automated calls to large number of people at once. You can use voice broadcasting service for notifications, alerts, offers, announcements, surveys and more. You can also record the customer responses by implementing a simple IVR in the call blast


  • Use your own mobile number as caller ID.
  • One voice call duration is 28 seconds.
  • Call delivers on both DND and Non DND Numbers.
  • 24 hours delivery of voice calls.
  • Audio file format is .wav only.
  • No approval required for voice clips.
  • Web API available on panel for Integration.


  • Send your pre-recorded message to mobile and landline networks across India.
  • You can use this to update your staff, associates or customers.
  • You can do simple voice broadcasts (e.g. election campaigns).
  • Only answered calls will charge rest all refunded.
  • Detailed reports list all calls and statuses for complete transparency.
  • Update Own Caller ID in Web API integration.
  • Our system will dial all the numbers that you have uploaded and play your message.