Solar Power Systems

These are the 10 expert tips to use solar electricity:

  • Reduce the electricity consumption of the building!
  • Install LEDs instead of light bulbs!
  • Turn off standby mode!
  • Make hot water electrically!
  • Run high-consumption devices during the day!
  • Do your gardening on solar electricity!
  • Heat electrically during the transitional periods!
  • Energy storage increases efficiency!
  • Switch to e-mobility!
  • Treasure hunt for all your family!

Solar Energy System

Solar energy is the cleanest and most available renewable energy source. The Modern technology can harness this energy for a variety of uses, including producing electricity, providing light and heating water for domestic, commercial or industrial application.

Solar energy can also be used to meet our electricity requirements. Through solar photovoltaic (SPV) cells, solar radiation gets converted into DC electricity directly. This electricity can either be used as it is or can be stored in the battery. In this article we are going to see all about the solar energy.